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 Design Approach
We recognize the importance of asking
the right questions in the initial stage of
the planning process, which can make
the difference for a successful outcome
of the work. We emphasize the importance
of double checking and maintaining a fluid
exchange of information between, the
client and the planning team in order to
avoid costly mistakes at the later more
expensive stages of the work.
We understand that clients are more than
just customers and that we have to work
first for their best interest.  
We also value our relations with engineers,
architects, contractors, furniture vendors,
lighting consultants and city planning offices
and we see these relationships on equal par
with our customers. Our excellent connection
with these industry professionals means a
more smooth process from start to finish.


Our job is to listen and to understand
our clients in order to recognize their
needs, resources and to lead the
process; our experience has taught us
to shift the important decision making
stage to the beginning of the process
where our capacity to control costs and
time are highest and the cost of any
changes is minimal.
By doing this any necessary change
occurs early in the development stage
and the work can be finished with little
or no negative effect on adding cost or time.
Jimeno + Design


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